Safety Statement

Surani Steel Tubes Limited gives topmost priority to the safety and wellbeing of its workforce and all that are associated with it. It pursues every viable and pragmatic action that is necessary for providing a safe and healthy work environment for its employees. Our efforts are always projected towards promoting and encouraging a culture for proactive safety and for protection of all personnel deployed at any of its work place.

We strongly believe in the maxim ’Always Avoid Accident’. Accident never comes with prior notice but brings with it, present sufferings and future threat to any industrial concern. We consider accidents as great deterrents on the path of organized progress and a strong blot on our operational efficiency. We therefore take care to see that every inch of our work place is safe and secured. It is not at any particular place or any particular time of operational activities that we ensure safety; rather we have made it all-evasive.

Our HR department works as a watch dog against accident, whether major or minor. It works round the year for ensuring ‘Zero Accident’. It trains up employees through workshops and seminars to create awareness about safety in their day-to day operations. Surani Steel Tubes is of strong conviction that ‘Zero Accident’ adds to the organizational productivity and subtracts the operational cost. They are taught to fight concertedly against the monster, ‘accident’. Employees contributing remarkably to this end are suitable rewarded and those deviating are admonished. Ultimately, we are privileged in getting really ‘satisfied customers.

Routine Persuasion

SuraniSteel Tubes Limited adopts the following measures for matter of routine persuasion

  • Plants and equipments are put to preventive maintenance
  • Inspection of vulnerable parts or equipments of plants and machineries or daily and weekly basis.
  • Organizing weekly safety meetings and review various features, threatening safety aspect
  • Strictly implement the drug and alcohol policy of the organization
  • Make the employees to strictly adhere to the rules, regulations, procedures and methods as prescribed.
  • Pursue the prevalent procedures for discipline

Our Vision

To make a difference in this highly competitive world, you need to have a clear and focused vision. Considering this fact, Surani steel has established its crystal clear vision, blending its aspirations and efforts together to bring in the change for better. We strive to become the world’s leading ERW MS Pipes and steel tubes manufacturers. We aim to establish our yardstick for creating quality creation while adhering to expectations of Corporate Social conscience. We work constantly to turn our vision into reality through core values, dedicated team working, cultivation of talent and putting passionate ideas in frame.

Our Strength

Our strength is our enthusiastic and highly trained workforce. The leaders of our manufacturing section are capable enough of utilising the best of talent available with us. The passion to deliver excellence and utilization of effective quality resources is our positive point. We never compromise quality and this is what makes us stand unique amongst our competitors. We put the best technology in process to introduce excellent range of ERW pipes and steel tubes. One can never overlook the significance of supplies offered under our brand. We sail our business on trust, integrity and mutual benefits. We are client focused organisation and take it to the next level. Usage of fine grade raw material and supreme level machines to mould it and turn in effective for final use is our special attribute. This distinguishes our products on major level.

Core Purpose

To make people more competitive and successful in their ventures by providing uninterrupted supply of quality solutions.

" The RACE of Quality,Strength & Services now begins "